Review flow configuration

Configure a review stage

For each review stage, you will be configuring who does the reviewing, the email being sent for the invitation to review, which fields are displayed and editable, informational content about the review, and what happens with proceed and stop action button on the review page.

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Review flow > Settings
  2. Create a New review stage
  3. Give the review stage a name; this is for manager reference only
  4. Choose a Start stage
    • If this stage is the first in a review flow, check Stage is started by entry submission
    • In this case set whether the stage applies to all categories, or to only one or some categories
    • Should you choose to manually initiate the review flow, you can learn how to do so here: Manually trigger a review stage
  5. Choose whether the review is to be by a manager, by a person nominated in the entry or by the entrant
    • For a review by manager(s), check all the managers that should be given the review task. Note that if more than one manager is tasked with the review, only one needs to complete it— once one manager has reviewed it is then locked and another manager cannot change the review. If you require e.g. two managers to review, then set up two review stages sequentially (you might also consider a qualifying judging stage instead)
    • For a review by a person nominated in the entry, a name field and a recipient address field are required amongst the entry fields
      Note: the recipient address field may be added as any of the following field types: email, phone number (for mobile numbers only), or a drop-down or radio button field in which the field's value is a valid email address or mobile number. Mobile/SMS messaging is a feature of the Premier solution. If the recipient is already a user in your account they must sign in to complete the task. 
    • For a review by the entrant, you just need to tick the box.
  6. If you have a notification prepared for this review stage already, select it under Send stage start notification— otherwise leave that blank and you can come back and add it later. If reviews are by a manager you can choose not to send a notification
  7. On the 'Review' page tab, select which fields to show to the reviewer. Field access is a list of all entry fields in tab/sort order
    • For each field to be displayed for review check the Read box
    • If the reviewer should be able to edit a field, check the Write box
    • If the field must be completed by the reviewer, check the Required box
      Tip: if there is information that you only need to collect from the review task recipient and should not be visible to entrants, deselect the Read and Write checkboxes from the Access area when adding those fields to your form.
      Field access options
      Tip: should you wish to consolidate all of your review flow fields into one location, create a new tab and hide it from entrants. To learn how, check out the 'Hiding tabs from entrants' section of this guide: Tab configuration.
      Important: in the event that your program utilises review flow for multiple stages, it is not recommended that fields be recycled. For example, if entrants are asked to state their progress on a project, it is important that the same progress field not be used in multiple review stages as doing so will rewrite the data collected each time. You can copy your fields in bulk via Settings > Entries > Fields to prevent this. 
      Important: conditional fields cannot be used in review flows.
  8. If you have information content already prepared in a content block for this review stage, select it under Content block— otherwise, leave it blank and you can come back and add it later
  9. Configure the Proceed/Stop tab
    • Set a label for both Proceed and Stop action (e.g. Approved, Accepted, Checked, etc). The Proceed/Stop button label is the text which the reviewer will see. The Proceed/Stop status is the text which the manager will see on the entry
      Note: the proceed and stop buttons that a user will interact with are green and red, respectively. The colours of these buttons cannot be updated.
    • Moderation approval can be set automatically with the proceed action by checking Apply approved or rejected status
    • The proceed action can Start another stage if there is one that should follow
    • Hide stop action will prevent a user from seeing or interacting with the stop action button, requiring them to proceed
    • Validate fields will verify that all fields have been completed correctly if the user selects the stop action 
  10. Click Save when finished

Create review notifications

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Communications > Notifications
  2. Create a New notification
  3. Choose the Review stage started trigger for notifications that can be sent when a review stage starts
  4. In the message body, use the {review_url} merge field to include a link directly to the review page
    • If the reviewer will be a registered user, they will need to log in to view the review page
    • If the reviewer is someone mentioned in the entry form and they are not a registered user, then anyone with that generated review link will be able to access the page
  5. You can then return to the review stage configuration to set this notification to be sent

You can also refer to general instructions for configuring notifications.

Important: to learn about regional regulations and limitations association with SMS, check out our dedicated guide: SMS limitations

Add informational content to review pages

  1. Open the Manage workspace and navigate to Settings > Content > Content blocks
  2. Create a New content block
  3. Choose the content location Review flow page
  4. After creating and saving your content, return to the review stage configuration to choose the content block to be displayed on the review page
Note: you can have different content blocks for each of your review stages— they will all have the Review flow page content location.

You can also refer to general instructions for content configuration.

Add a certificate to a review task

If you'd like your review flow task recipient to receive a certificate, you can easily add one in a few easy steps. 

  1. In the Manage workspace, create a certificate; see Award certificate configuration for instructions
  2. Navigate to Settings > General > Review flow
  3. Click your desired review stage or configure a new one
  4. Open the Review page tab
  5. Select your certificate from the Attach certificate to page drop-down
  6. Save

Setting the review flow deadline

To define when the review flow task must be completed by the reviewer, you'll need to set an deadline. Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Entries > Rounds in the Manage workspace
  2. Click on your program's entry round (named 'Entry open period' by default)
  3. Set a Review / resubmission ends date and time
  4. Click Save when finished

Viewing and exporting review flow data

All data collected during the review flow process is stored within an entry itself, but is not accessible by the entrant or entrant views like the entrant PDF. Should you need to view or export this data, you have a few options.

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