Review flow overview

What is review flow?

The review flow feature of Award Force allows for submitted entries to send a task or notification message to an individual named within that entry, the entrant themselves, or a specified email address.

This recipient can make changes to the entry (depending on what has been configured) and approve or reject the entry. Based on the outcome, the entry can be sent to another individual for review, and so on.

You can create as many review stages as necessary. You can also create multiple different review flows, e.g. for different categories. The outcome of each review stage is that the reviewer chooses a review action to stop the entry or allow it to proceed. When planning your review flow, it might be helpful to draw a simple flowchart, like the following hypothetical example.

Example review flow diagram.png

Review flow can control whether an entry is subsequently allowed through to judging by applying a moderation status of "approved" or "rejected" when a review action is applied.

Judging panels can be set to only view moderation approved entries. Without that setting, a panel will also see unmoderated entries, i.e. that may not have completed review.

There are three main steps in configuring review flow:

  1. Create your review stages
  2. Create notifications to be sent at each review stage
  3. Create content to be displayed in support of each review stage

For step-by-step instructions, see: Review flow configuration.


Some examples of how review flow can be used:

  • Where an entry is a nomination, the nomination can be sent to the nominee for review. They may add further information and accept or decline the nomination.
  • A business entry can be sent to the entrant's manager for review. The manager can make changes then approve/reject the entry.
  • Program Managers can be notified of each submitted entry, for it to be reviewed and further information added, before moderation approval.
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