Interface text changes


In general, interface text such as labels, page headings and system messages cannot be changed. However, there are a handful of exceptions. See the list below for the option that can be changed.

Example: A common system label that many Program Managers change to better suit their program is the Entry name label in the entry process. To change this label:

  1. Go to Content > Interface text
  2. Click New override
  3. Under Field, choose entries.form.label (see the list below for other available options)
  4. Under Value, enter the text to be used for the label
  5. Click Save

Interface text options

Entry attachments button: Add link or video


Entry name field label


Entry name field help text

Entry name column title

Judging view heading: Comment on this entry


(VIP judging mode only).


Menu title: About


Phone number validation failure message

Registration form on home page


My entries: No entries