Interface text changes

Award Force allows you to replace much of the default system verbiage with terms and phrases that are relevant to your configuration needs. Below you'll find helpful examples of interface text edits as well as a list of what can be edited in the Manage workspace via Settings > Content > Interface text.

Tip: Award Force supports emojis, allowing you to add even more personality to your program!

Managing the 'Interface text' view

If you would like to see only the interface text that you've updated, click on Only modified.


To return a modified item to the default system verbiage, click Reset


To see all of the available interface text options, click on All. 


Example: the most commonly edited interface text option is the 'Entry name' field that entrants come across when first creating an entry. This can be updated to better fit your requirements by following these steps:
  1. Open the Manage workspace and navigate to Settings > Content > Interface text
  2. Locate and click 'Entry name'
  3. Supply your replacement into the text entry field that appears
  4. Save

Interface text tool tips

In Settings > Content > Interface text, you'll likely have seen the Display tooltips to see all customisable interface text toggle shown below. 


By enabling this feature and clicking Save, you have the ability to edit interface text simply by hovering your cursor over it within the platform and selecting Edit this text. Doing so will take you directly to the editing area for that interface text item. When your edit has been saved, you will be rerouted back to the page you were on initially. 

Video overview

This video shows menu navigation that has since changed.

Interface text options


If there is an Award Force account associated with :login then you will receive an email with recovery options.

If you don't see your email in a couple of minutes, please check your junk mail or spam folder.

If there is an Award Force account associated with :login.png

If you’d like to change your password please visit your profile page.

If you'd like to change your password, please visit your profile page.png

A new code has been sent. Please check your spam folder too. Note, the previously sent code will no longer work.

A new code has been sent.png



New category

New category.png

Has 1 category|has :count categories

Has 1 category.png


Content blocks

About About.png



Add more entires to cart Screen_Shot_2021-08-09_at_4.18.22_PM.png
View entrant PDF View entrant PDF.png
Add contributor Screen_Shot_2021-08-09_at_4.21.36_PM.png

Add link or video

Add link or video.png

Please select a chapter, category and entry name.


Please select a category and entry name.

Resubmit Screen_Shot_2021-09-15_at_9.32.31_AM.png
Submit entry Screen_Shot_2021-09-15_at_9.16.14_AM_copy_2.png
Check eligibility Check_eligibility.png
Entry name field help text Screen_Shot_2021-08-09_at_4.31.01_PM.png
Entry name Entry name.png
Entries are closed Entries are closed.png
A maximum of :num attachments is allowed on the :tab tab Screen_Shot_2021-08-09_at_5.17.54_PM.png
Maximum allowed entries has been reached. Maximum allowed entries has been reached.png
A minimum of :num attachment is required on the :tab tab. Screen_Shot_2021-08-09_at_4.59.29_PM.jpg
Your entry has been submitted Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_9.50.34_AM.png
Approved Approved.png
Not rejected Screen_Shot_2021-10-27_at_10.09.40_AM.png
Rejected Rejected.png
Undecided Undecided.png
Start new entry Start new entry.png
You have no entries yet. What are you waiting for? You have no entries yet. What are you waiting for_.png
Recuse a judge Recuse a judge.png
Resubmission required Resubmission required.png
Resubmitted Resubmitted.png


(entries table columns label)

Entry label.png
There are currently no entries, or none matching your search criteria. There are currently no entries, or none matching your search criteria..png
My entries My entries.png
Manage entries Manage entries.png
Start entry Start entry.png
All questions must be answered, unless marked optional. All questions must be answered, unless marked optional.png
Select attachments Screen_Shot_2021-09-15_at_9.16.14_AM_copy.png
Action tasks Action tasks.png
Manage tasks Manage tasks.png
Preview judging Preview judging.png
Active season (:name) Active season.png



Field applies to all categories Field applies to all categories.png
Field applies to some categories Field applies to some categories.png


Home page

Email or mobile Email or mobile.png

Mobile number must be in an international format. Eg. +44 785 111 111

Mobile number must be in an international format.png
Log in or register Log in or register.png
Login via SAML Log in via SAML.png


(home register heading)

Register heading.png
Password Password.png



Comment on this entry Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_11.06.43_AM.png
Abstain from judging Abstain from judging.png

1 pick per category|:number picks per category

1 pick per category.png
Browse by category Browse by category.png
Leaderboard Leaderboard.png

Judge entries

(judging titles main)

Judge entries (judging titles main).png
Progress Progress.png

Judging mode

(panels search labels judging mode)

Judging mode (panels search labels judging mode).png

Judging mode

(panels table columns mode)

Judging mode (panels table columns mode).png

Judging mode

(score set form mode label)

Judging mode (score set form mode label).png
Pick across all categories Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_11.34.37_AM_copy.png
Pick by category Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_11.34.37_AM.png
Category quick filter Category quick filter.png
Score shown to judges Score shown to judges.png
Entry list Entry list.png
Vote Vote.png
Voted Vote.png
Badge Badge.png
Top pick Top pick hover tip.png
Bottom pick Bottom pick hover tip.png



Whoa! That’s not ready yet - please check the highlighted fields.

Whoa! That's not ready yet please check the highlighted fields.png
Whoa! That’s not ready yet - please check the highlighted fields and tabs. Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_12.51.37_PM.png

Member number

(integrations form arm payment fields memberNumber)

The member number field is required. Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_1.36.24_PM.png



Add entries to cart Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_11.29.03_AM.png
Pay now to enter Pay now to enter.png

Your cart is empty. To pay for your entires, submit each entry and they will be added to the cart here. You will then be able to continue with the payment process.

Your cart is empty.png
Enter your member number Enter your member number.png

Emails have been sent to you confirming your payment and entry submission. Please download and print your invoice for your records:


Member number

(orders table columns member number)


Tax number


(Member no: :number)

(payment prices member number)




The :attribute must be a phone number in an international format. Eg. +44 785 111 1111.




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