Configuring terms

There are a number of words and phrases used repeatedly in various places in the system interface that you might prefer to change to be more relevant to your program. Those that can be adjusted are referred to as terms and can be changed as follows:

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Content > Terms
  2. Click the term in the list to adjust
  3. If you're changing the term, you must put in both a singular and plural version of the term
    Term configuration.png 
    Tip: unless grammar dictates otherwise, it is recommended for the term to be lower case so that it may be used mid-sentence. If the term is used at the start of a sentence, the platform will automatically capitalise it.
  4. Click Save

Terms that can be changed

  • Allocation
  • Payment
  • Attachment
  • Category
  • Chapter
  • Contributor
  • Enter
  • Entrant
  • Entry
  • Fail
  • Fund
  • Gallery
  • Grant
  • Invoice
  • INV-
  • Judged
  • Judging
  • Pass
  • Postcode
  • Qualifying
  • Region
  • Judge
  • Judge
  • Role
  • Selection
  • State
  • Top pick
  • Unsure
  • VIP judging
  • Voting

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