Adding a lead judge

Note: the lead judge role is now provided as a default role in new Award Force accounts. This article can be used to add the role to legacy accounts.

Adding a lead judge role to your program is easy and can be configured in just a few steps. 

Create the role

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users > Roles
  2. Click the New role button
  3. Provide a name, such as lead or head judge, for your new role 
  4. Set the Scores (own) permission for Create, View, Update, and Delete to Allow as shown below:
  5. Set the Scores (others) permissions for Create, View, Update, and Delete to Allow as shown here:

Allow the lead judge to see other judges' scores

  1. Go to Judging > Score sets
  2. Click the name of your score set
  3. Open the Display tab
  4. In the Share scores box, select the name of your score set(s)
  5. Save


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