Downloading a PDF that includes review flow data

In Award Force, the entrant PDF that is available to managers or entrants (if the setting has been enabled) includes only fields that are available to entrants in the entry form. This PDF may not include all fields, including those that have been hidden for review flow or are being used for internal purposes only. 

To view a PDF of the application that includes all fields, follow these steps:

  1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Entries
  2. Click on an entry's name or ID to open the manager's view
  3. Click View manager PDF
    View manager PDF button
  4. Once the PDF is visible, click the download icon at the top right of the page to save it to your device
    Download icon

The manager PDF is also included in any bulk-downloads performed from the Entries view. To learn more about bulk-downloads, see our guide: Can I bulk-download entries?

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