Downloading a PDF that includes review flow data

In Award Force, the entrant PDF available to you in Entries > Manage entries will include all fields that an entrant has interacted with. If you utilise the review flow functionality, there may be additional fields within the entry form that an entrant does not see and, therefore, will not be included in the entrant PDF. Should you need to gather this data, you can quickly download it by following the steps below.

Important: the review flow feature is available with a Pro subscription and above.

Step one: create a score set

  1. Navigate to Judging > Score sets
  2. Click New score set
  3. Provide the score set a name, such as "PDF score set"
  4. Select the VIP judging judging mode
  5. Open the 'Display' tab
  6. Ensure all fields that need to be included in the PDF have their corresponding visibility checkbox selected 
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page
  8. Reopen the score set and jump back to the 'Display' tab
  9. Scroll to the 'Display' widget and select the Judging PDF available for download checkbox
  10. Click Save again

Step two: create a panel

  1. Go to Judging > Panels
  2. Click New panel
  3. Provide your panel a name, such as "PDF panel"
  4. Select the VIP judging mode radio button
  5. Choose your PDF score set from the Score set drop-down
  6. In the Entries section, select the categories, chapters, and/or tags that you need to generate PDFs for
  7. In the Who section, you can allow all managers to access this PDF panel or choose Invited judges to only include selected users. 
  8. Under When, choose your judging round
  9. Click Save

Step three: downloading the PDFs

  1. Jump to Judging > Leaderboard
  2. Select your PDF score set from the Score set drop-down at the top of the page
  3. Click the checkboxes next to the entries you'd like to generate the PDF for
  4. Click Download 
    Tip: to download more entries at once, set the page visibility to 100 entries using the toggle in the bottom right corner of the page.

Once the download has finished, you will receive a link to your email address to the download zip file. To learn more about entry downloads, check out this guide: Can I bulk-download entries?

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