How can I allow judges to see tags?

By default, tags are only visible to users within Award Force that have a manager-type role as they can sometimes contain sensitive information or flag winners prior to the official announcement. Depending on your needs, there are a few options available to you:

Option one: Using badges

If your judges simply need to see what an entry has been tagged with, the easiest course of action is to create badges that correspond to your tags. Here's how to do so:

  1. Go to Settings > Judging > Awards
  2. Click New award
  3. Provide a Title
  4. Select the Badge radio button under Type
  5. Provide the tag that you'd like the badge to be associated with
  6. Under Visibility, select Score sets views
    Note: selecting the Entrant views checkbox will show this badge to the entrant.
  7. Choose whether this badge should appear in all score sets or just some
  8. Provide your Badge text which may the the same as your title and/or tag
  9. Choose a Badge colour
  10. Save

The tag will appear to your judges within their judging view alongside the entry name. 


Important: if the entry name has not been made visible in the judging score set, the badge will not display in VIP judging mode.

Option two: Enabling permissions

If you would like your judges to be able to see tags instead of simply viewing badges, you can do so by following the steps outlined below.

Important: tags themselves are only visible within the Entries > Manage entries and Judging > Leaderboard pages. In order to allow your judges to view these tags, they will have access to all entries, all judge assignments, and parts of the Settings menu.
  1. Navigate to Settings > Users > Roles
  2. Click on your judge role
  3. Set the Chapters permission for Create and View to Allow
  4. Set the Entries (others) View permission to Allow
  5. Set the Scores (others) View permission to Allow
  6. Set the Tags View permission to Allow
    Tip: if judges also need to be able to tag entries from the leaderboard, also set the Create and Edit permissions to Allow.
  7. Save
Tip: instead of changing the judge role, you may consider creating a new role specifically for the purpose of viewing or creating tags. Then, give the role to selected users. This method allows you to add and remove the role from the user as you please and will not affect the actual judge role. 


Enabling the ability for judges to view tags may be helpful to you if:

  • Entries need to be identifiable to judges outside of the normal category structure
  • You'd like to highlight specific entries that judges should focus on

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