Communicating entry round extensions

It's common for program managers to extend the dates or times assigned to their entry rounds to allow more entrants to create and submit their entries. While this is not always planned in advance, it's easy to extend the entry round and to alert your users using the steps below. 

Note: extending the entry round can occur on any plan, but the broadcast feature mentioned in this article is available on the Pro subscription and above. 

Extend the entry round

  1. Open the Manage workspace and navigate to Settings > Entries > Rounds
  2. Click on your entry round (called 'Entry open period' by default)
  3. Open the Ends field and select your new end date and time
  4. Save
Tip: the round dates and times configured in Settings > Entries > Rounds are not shown to entrants unless you've opted to display a countdown. In the absence of a countdown, you may set or edit the dates without users knowing. If you wish to only extend the entry round for a select group of entries, follow the steps outlined in our dedicated guide: Set a custom entry deadline.  

Extend the deadline for select entries

You may need to pick and choose which entries are allowed extra time. To do this, you can assign a custom entry deadline. Here's how:

  1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Entries
  2. Click on the name or ID of an entry to open the manager's view
  3. Choose Set next to the 'Custom entry deadline' heading
  4. Click into the resulting field to open a calendar
  5. Select the desired date and time

Communicating with entrants

Selecting which users you would like to communicate the extension to varies greatly program by program. Some managers wish to reach out to all entrants while others would only like to contact those who have registered but not created an entry. 

  1. From Manage workspace, go to Users
  2. Click Advanced in the search bar
  3. In the Role dropdown, select Entrant
  4. If desired, in the Entries drop-down select one of the following
    • Has entries this season: allows you to reach out to those that have created entries, both submitted and in progress.
    • Has no entries this season: allows you to contact entrants that are registered within the program, but have not created an entry this season. 
    • Has entries in an archived season: allows you to contact entrants who have registered and created entries in previous seasons, but may not have started any entries within the current season. 
    • Has no entries at all: allows you to reach out to any entrants that have yet to create an entry at all in your program's history. 
  5. Search
  6. Click Broadcast to compose your message
    Tip: use Markdown formatting or merge fields to customise the message and include specific details.

If you would like to reach out to entrants with entries in progress, see our dedicated guide: Ultimate guide to broadcasts

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