Importing entries

If you've moved to Award Force from another platform or manual system, you may wish to import historical data into your new account. You can do this using our API. We recognise that not everyone has the time or resources to programmatically integrate with an API so we've created a Zapier template that makes it fast and easy for anyone to import entries from a Google Sheet. This tutorial will take you through the steps.


1. An Award Force professional account

2. A Zapier account (the Zapier plan you need will depend on the number of entries you wish to import)

3. A Google Sheet containing the historical data you want to import


Step 1: Create an API key in Award Force

1. Go to Settings > Developers > API keys and click Generate API key

2. Give the key a name and select Read / Write.



Step 2: Prepare your Google Sheet

Preparing your data and setting up the entry form in Award Force will be the most time-consuming step in this process. You have to make sure there's a field in Award Force for each question you want to import.

The Google Sheet will need to contain a row for each entry and as a minimum you will need to provide Award Force with the entrant slug, category slug, chapter slug, season slug, and the entry title. Please see What is a slug? for more information.

The slugs you can get from Award Force once you've created the entry form and added the users. You can import users in bulk through the user interface in Award Force. Any entry fields you wish to import will also need to be created in Award Force first and then these slugs added to the Google Sheet.

If you want to upload files you'll need to provide the URLs for the files as a column in the Google Sheet. For this tutorial we're going to import one single file upload field for each entry.

Here's an example spreadsheet we've prepared so you can see the format.



Step 3: Set up the Zapier template

Sign into your Zapier account and head over to the Award Force Zapier template, then click the Try it button. 


Select Google Sheet

Select your Google sheet and click Continue.


Zapier will test the trigger and you should see data from one of the rows in your spreadsheet.


Create entry in Award Force

We're now going to take this data from the spreadsheet and tell Zapier where to put it in Award Force. You will first need to connect to Award Force using the API key you created in step 1. Copy and paste this along with the accept header (application/vnd.Award Force.v2.0+json) into Zapier to connect to Award Force.


Once you've connected the account, you can set up the action in Zapier by completing the fields using the data retrieved in the previous step from your Google Sheet.


Test and continue to the next step. 

Get the entry slug

The next step in the template gets the slug for the entry you just created so it can be used to upload files. It gets the location from the header data in the previous step then strips away the slug at the end of the URL so you can use it in the last step. You don't need to do anything in this step other than click continue. 

If you don't have any entry files then you don't need to go any further and can delete the remaining steps. 

Run Javascript to convert the image URL

To upload files to Award Force the data must be in base64 format. This next step will convert a file URL to base64 for you and this can then be inserted into the Award Force database. Make sure you select the URL for the file in your spreadsheet in this step.




Upload entry file

For this last step you will need to select the field slug from your spreadsheet and the filename from your spreadsheet. The entry slug will come from step 3 of the Zap and the data will come from Step 4 of the Zap. See below:




You can now test the action and turn on the Zap. One test entry should appear in your Award Force account.


Transfer existing data

To transfer the entire contents of the spreadsheet go to the Zaps page in Zapier and find your Zap. Click on the arrow to the right of the Zap and choose Transfer existing data. 



This will load all the data from Google Sheets. You can then click Select All followed by Send data to Zap


If you need to upload additional files then you can add more steps to the Zapier template, Selecting the Award Force app and then Upload Entry File for the Action Event.



Need more help? Get in touch!

We're here to help if you need it. Simply get in touch with our Client Success team through one of the methods available at the base of the page.