Manually trigger a review stage

If your review stage is not triggered by entry submission, you can manually trigger it. You might decide on this option if you'd like to trigger the review stage at a specific time in the future.

Manually trigger review stage

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Entries
  2. Locate the entry/entries you wish to trigger the review stage for 
    Tip: to more quickly find those entries, click Advanced in the search bar to filter by category, the submitted status, a tag, etc.
  3. Click the checkboxes associated with your desired entry(ies)
  4. Open the Action drop-down
  5. Select Initiate review stage
    Initiate review stage option in Action drop-down
  6. Choose the correct stage in the drop-down that appears
  7. Click Initiate review stage...

Learn more about review flow here: Review flow configuration



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