Who can log in via SSO?

As long as a user has credentials to your company's website portal, they will be able to connect with Award Force via our single sign-on mechanism. Users who log into Award Force via SSO will be granted the default role upon entry.

The default role set up in most programs will be the Entrant role. Granting a user the Entrant role will give them access to create an entry in your program.

However, you can change the default role in your program at any time via Settings > Users > Roles.  

You may be thinking, why would I do that? 

How to configure judge access via SSO

If your judges are members of your organization who have access to your website portal, you can switch the default in Award Force to Judge, and invite your judges to log in via the SSO, the same way your Entrants did. This will save you from having to import your judge's list.

  1. Go to Settings > Users > Roles
  2. Click Judge
  3. Tick "Default role for home page registration"
  4. Save
Important: you cannot have entrants and judges logging in at the same time since there is only one default role. You should only invite your judges to log in via SSO once entries are closed and you have finished configuring judging.

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