Data location choice FAQs

Are these 'data location' emails genuine?

I have received two emails with the subject, 'Data location options for your Award Force account, action required' and '[ACTION REQUIRED] Your Award Force account data location choice' Are these genuine? 

Yes, these are legitimate emails sent from Award Force regarding your data location. We require you to complete the form in the email to confirm which of our three data centre locations you want your data to be stored in — EU (Frankfurt), the United States (California) or Australia (Sydney).

What exactly is meant by 'data'?

The data referred to is all of your user data, their entries/applications, judging data and so on. These are all stored in a highly secure and encrypted database. 

Where is my data stored at the moment?

Currently all data is stored in the EU (Frankfurt). This move from Australia was made in May 2018 when the GDPR regulations came into effect. Award Force is fully GDPR compliant and as the Data Controllers, you have many features to make sure you are compliant in effect. Read: Data protection configuration options , Permanent deletion of users, Data protection on fields, Privacy policy & Terms of service

Why is my data being moved now?

We have been working on splitting our databases across different regions to enhance performance, comply with regional data protection regulations and offer data sovereignty alternative to clients who prefer to have their data stored outside the European Union. 

With 3 locations possible soon, you can indicate your choice of location. 

What is your advice?  

Should you move your data? You don't have to but you have a choice if you decide to.
We cannot offer legal advice so we strongly recommend you discuss this with your legal and/or IT teams. Every organisation has different compliance guidelines and you must make sure what your organisation has to be compliant with. All organisations in Europe must be GDPR compliant but there is no one rule for non-EU businesses. 

If your organisation is based outside the EU but you have users from the EU registering and participating in your program, you might consider keeping your data in the EU to be compliant. 

Will my entry / judging be affected?

There won't be downtime for your account other than a brief maintenance window (about an hour), which will be scheduled for a weekend quiet period. We’ll let you know closer to the date when this scheduled maintenance will occur.

Other than this short maintenance period, there will be no disruption to your account. 

Can I confirm over email?

We must insist you complete the form instead of replying on email as it contains certain terms which need to be agreed to, for legal purposes. 

Why are you doing this?

Splitting our infrastructure like this provides additional performance, resilience and scalability.

Furthermore — data protection regulations and acts globally are continuing to evolve. For data sovereignty reasons, some of our clients would prefer their data be located in the US or Australia, so we can now facilitate that. Similarly, emerging regulations mean our international clients will be better served through engagement with our EU entity (Creative Force Ltd) rather than our legacy Australian entity.

What happens if I don't decide before the deadline?

If we receive no response, your data will remain in Europe. Once the database split is done (we will announce this very soon), we will not be able to move accounts between regions— the account will have to remain where it is.

Need more help? Get in touch!

We're here to help if you need it. Simply get in touch with our Client Success team through one of the methods available at the base of the page.