Email and mobile in registration

In Settings > Users > Registration, there are options for registration by email and mobile. Checking or unchecking these options or a combination thereof will provide different registration options for your users.

No options checked


By default, an email will be used for registration, even if no options are checked and email is technically 'not required'. As either an email address or mobile number is needed by the Award Force system to create the user profile, users will still have to provide, at minimum, an email address to register and must also confirm their registration via email. No field will be available to enter a mobile number.

Only the email option checked


Users must register via email and will receive an email to confirm their registration. This setting is essentially the same as leaving all options unchecked.

Important: even when the mobile option is unchecked, the label in the Log in box will remain "Email or mobile". The label is a system default which cannot be changed as users may have registered with their mobile number on another program hosted by Award Force. Thus, they can use that number (or their email address) to log in on your program as well. For that reason, that text is the same across all Award Force accounts even though any given program may not be not accepting mobile registrations.

Email required, mobile registration enabled


With the first two options checked, users must enter an email address and must confirm their registration via email. The field for entering a mobile number will be available but optional. Users cannot choose between the two options with regards to the confirmation step; they will be required to confirm via email as well as via mobile.

Only mobile registrations checked


With only the Mobile option checked, users can choose to register via email or mobile. If they register via email, they will be sent a confirmation link via email. If they register via mobile without entering an email address, they will be sent a confirmation link via SMS. 

Mobile registration with mobile required checked


If the Mobile option is checked and made required, users can still register via email but must enter a mobile number. If they enter an email address, they will be sent a confirmation link via email. If they only enter the mobile number as required, they will receive the confirmation link via SMS.

Note: if the email option is not required and users choose not to complete this field, you will be unable to contact them using the Broadcast feature. We recommend always checking the email option unless you already know some of your potential users do not have an email address.

All three options checked


Users must enter an email address and must enter a mobile number but the confirmation link will be sent via email. There is no option to choose how they receive the confirmation; email will always be the default.

In conclusion, the only way users will receive an SMS instead of an email to confirm their registration is:

1) If only Mobile registration is checked


2) If only Mobile registration and Mobile required are checked


For both scenarios the user chooses not to enter an email address. 

As soon as an email address is included, the confirmation will be sent via email, irrespective of whether a mobile number has been entered.

Important: if mobile registration is enabled, a 'User registered' notification must also exist AND the 'SMS body' field must be populated with - at minimum - the {confirmation_code} merge tag. If the 'SMS body' field is left blank, an SMS confirmation will not be sent.
Important: to comply with local laws, SMS notifications cannot be sent to UAE residents between the hours of 9pm and 7am. 

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