How do I preview my entry form?

As a Program manager, you can always view the entry form by going to Entries > My entries then clicking Start entry.

By starting a new entry, you can see exactly what your entrants will see in the form. If you have multiple categories with fields and/or tabs unique to particular categories, you can return to the first tab of the form and switch to a new category to review the related fields and/or tabs.

Due to the fact that different categories can display different tabs and/or fields and also taking into account the possible use of conditional fields, it is not possible to display all fields and tabs in a single test entry. By the same token, it is not possible to download a 'complete' PDF of a blank entry form for offline reference. Although a test entry could be submitted in each category and then subsequently downloaded and printed, in the case of having many categories or the aforementioned conditional fields, such a process is likely not practical.

Online review of the entry configuration using the above method is therefore recommended.

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