Can I configure a comment only judging round?


You may want to run a judging round using your Award Force account but don't need your judges to leave scores or make decisions on entries. Instead, you'd just like their input in the form of comments. To achieve this, you can use the Gallery mode of judging.

Configure a gallery score set

You can utilise the judging fast start located in Judging > Manage judging > Judging fast start or follow the steps outlined below. If using the judging fast start, please note that you will need to navigate into the score set and select the commenting option mentioned in step seven. 

  1. Go to Settings > Judging > Score sets
  2. Create a New score set
  3. Name the score set— this name will be used in the menu to navigate to the gallery
  4. Choose the Gallery judging mode
  5. Start and End dates/times for the gallery are optional. If you do not set a start time, it is 'open'. If you do not set an end time, it remains open indefinitely.
  6. Open the Display tab
  7. In the commenting area, select the Registers users can comment checkbox
  8. Save

Create a gallery panel

  1. Go to Settings > Judging > Panels
  2. Create a New panel
  3. Give the panel a meaningful name
  4. Set Gallery judging mode and select the gallery score set you have just created
  5. Define the Entries to be included in the gallery by limiting to set chapters, categories and tags
  6. Define Who will be able to see the gallery
  7. Save

How can I export the comments from my gallery?

You will notice that there is no Leaderboard for your gallery as there are technically no results to populate from a gallery. However, you can view and export comments from your gallery via Settings > Judging > Assignments.

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