How do I test my entry form?

After completing your entry form configuration, testing the form is crucial to ensure that you are happy with the entrant experience. To test your entry form, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Enter workspace and navigate to Entries
  2. Click Start entry
    Start entry button
  3. Disable Configuration mode if it is toggled on
    Configuration toggle
  4. Complete and submit your entry

If your entry round has yet to begin, you will see the following message mentioning there is no open entry round (see below). You can still create an entry as a program manager due to your permissions. 

No rounds error message

Once you've completed the setup checklists under Guides and tours and are happy with the configuration, feel free to request a pre-launch check from our friendly client success team. Not sure what a pre-launch check is? See our guide: What is a pre-launch check?

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