Panels: Who will appear in the Judges drop-down

Creating a panel is an integral step for judging configuration (judging > Panels. Read more about panels here). When defining who will judge on a particular panel in the 'Who' section of the panel configuration, there are two options available: Any users with a role or Invited judges.


Selecting the first will display a list of all the roles available in your account and anyone with the selected role(s) will then be on the panel.

Selecting Invited judges will display a list of all Users in the account who have a role with the Scores Own permissions set to Allow. By default, the Judge role has the Scores Own permission set to Allow, so any User who has been given the Judge role will appear in the list. But, depending on the settings for other roles, the list may display a great many more Users and make it difficult to select only those folks who should be judging.

It is possible that other roles have been created or the permission settings adjusted for existing roles that require the Scores Own permissions to be set to Allow. Before adjusting the settings to prevent such Users from appearing in the panel list, ensure that doing so will not inadvertently disrupt another function of the role.

For more information on user roles and permissions, see our guide here


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