Configuration mode

Configuration mode is a powerful new feature for Award Force that greatly simplifies the setting up and editing of the entry form on your program. It lets you create and edit fields and tabs from the entry form itself without having to visit Settings > Entries > Fields or Settings > Entries > Tabs. You can also move fields and tabs around using drag and drop.

How Configuration mode works

  1. Do one of the following to start building your entry form using the Configuration mode
    1. Go to Entries > Manage entries > Start entry
    2. Go to Entries > My entries > Start entry
    3. Go to Settings > Entries > Form editor
  2. In the top right corner of your screen, toggle on Configuration mode on and off as you need

Image: Settings > Entries > Form editor


Image: Entries > My entries > New entry




When Configuration mode is enabled, you can create new tabs by clicking the + icon to the right of your existing tab/s. 

You can change the order of your existing tabs by clicking and dragging them into the desired position. 


You can edit the tab settings by hovering with your mouse over a tab and clicking the tab settings icon. 



To add a new field to your form, hover with your mouse in the position you want the new field to appear and click the + icon. A configuration tray will appear on the right side of the screen.


To reorder your fields within the same tab, click and drag them into the desired order.

To move a field from one tab to another, click and drag the field up to the tab you want to move it to then drag it into position on the new tab. 


Note: Fields that appear greyed out are applicable only to certain categories of your program or are conditional fields. You can update the categories to which these fields belong by clicking on the settings symbol.

Deleting fields and tabs

To delete a field or tab click the settings icon (see a screenshot of this icon below) and then click the Delete button at the top left of the setting page for tabs or at the bottom of the configuration tray for fields. 







From the entrant's perspective, the entry form will look almost exactly the same aside from one new feature. The entry form tabs are now sticky which means even if the entrant scrolls down the page they'll still be able to see which tab they're working on. 


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