Logo specifications for Starter and Plus plans

Note: this article refers to logo specifications for the Starter and Plus plans only. On Pro and above check out our theme configuration guide.

Your logos can be uploaded Settings > General > ThemeRecommended image sizes are below, with measurements in pixels. Images can be JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF file types.


Where: Program login page
  Width (px) Height (px) System treatment
Home logo (desktop): 700 220 Does not scale, displayed at size of upload.
  Note: the header image can be designed as a banner running the full width of the screen (i.e. W:1920px), however the 'logo' etc should remain in the recommended safe area (700px) to avoid cropping on smaller screens.  
Home logo (mobile):  300    220



Where: Entries > My entries and Entries > Judge entries
  Width (px) Height (px) System treatment
Header logo (desktop): 700   170 Does not scale, displayed at size of upload. 
  Note: the system will automatically apply 30px padding to the left margin of this asset. 
Header logo (mobile):  300  170 Does not scale, displayed at size of upload. 

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