Can I use IFraming?

While IFraming may at first glance seem like a good solution for integrating Award Force into your marketing website, there are a number of reasons why we do not support the practice.

What is IFraming?

IFraming is a method to embed one HTML document inside another HTML document. In essence, the Award Force system would sit within a box (frame) on your website vs being a link from your website. The idea behind IFraming is that by 'framing' the Award Force site within the page, the entry/judging process appears to be part of your website.

Why no IFraming?

We actively block Award Force from being IFramed for the following reasons:

  • Security
    IFrames can make a site vulnerable to attack and for this reason are a security risk.
  • Poor user experience
    The user will likely be forced to scroll left-right and up-down within a page that may also scroll up and down.
  • Not responsive
    IFraming 'breaks' responsiveness so users accessing the application from a mobile device or tablet will have a limited experience or be unable to access some functionality.
  • Inconsistency across browsers
    IFrames do not behave consistently across different browsers and we have not designed for or tested the application within an IFrame across browsers. As a result, the peculiarities of IFrame implementation across browsers will likely lead to some Award Force functionality not working as expected.
A better solution is to include a click to register/enter link on your website that will take your users to a branded Award Force page. Award Force accounts are designed to complement your existing brand so only the URL will indicate to people that they are on a different site, but you can choose you own URL if you wish.


If you would like to present entries to the public, we strongly recommend setting up a Gallery. Galleries provide a visually appealing way to give visitors a great experience irrespective of the device they are using

Linking to a Gallery is a fast and flexible solution and looks great! A Gallery can be set up and ready for display within minutes of winners being selected or awards managers can set up the round in advance.

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