How do I change the account owner of our program?

The account owner within Award Force is the person who:

  • will receive reminders for subscription renewal and invoices
  • can update account details within the billing portal
  • can remove manager access from a user
  • perform permanent deletions
  • can instruct us to make changes to your plan or account
Important: only one owner can be assigned per account.

If the current account owner is still with your organisation

Please have the current account owner update the account owner via the billing portal. For full instructions, see Utilising the billing portal or follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click your name in the top righthand corner of the page and select Billing 
    Billing option in profile drop-down
  2. In the 'Account contacts' tab, hover your cursor over the listed account owner's name
  3. Click Change account owner 
    Change owner button
  4. Click the drop-down menu and begin keying in the new account owner's name
    Note: the new owner must be added to the account as a program manager prior to updating ownership. For instructions see our guide: My colleague requires manager access. Can I add them?
  5. Select the manager 
    Search for and select new manager
  6. Save

If the current account owner is no longer with your organisation

For security reasons, we will need a formal request for account owner change on company letterhead, signed by the CEO or equivalent. This confirmation can be sent by email to our support team. 

If you do not know who the current account owner is

Please get in touch with our support team. We can let you know the current account owner.

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