What payment methods do you accept + how often am I billed?

Award Force is an annual subscription service, with your sign-up date becoming your annual renewal date.

We will send you a reminder one month before your renewal date to let you know of the upcoming payment due and allow you time to adjust your payment details or contact as needed. This email is sent to the designated account owner. If this person has changed, please let us know.

There are two billing options available:

  • Invoice
  • Online payment via credit card 
    Note: payments made by credit card may be subject to additional processing fees.

For those paying on invoice, we accept payment by bank transfer. Please refer to your invoice for bank account information.

Why no cheques?

We are no longer able to accept payment by cheque, as this form of payment is being phased out worldwide. In Australia, banks can still process them for the meantime, but with large processing fees and very long processing times.

This change started in 2017/18 after the Reserve Bank of Australia announced that cash will become a "niche" payment and cheques will be phased out as consumers accelerate their take up of digital transactions. You can read more about this change via the RBA website, or in this Sydney Morning Herald article.

As cheques made up a small percentage of our received payments and had contributed significant expense to overheads, we have decided to just eliminate them completely.

We are happy to work with you to find a solution to ensure you can make a payment in a timely manner.

Need more help? Get in touch!

We're here to help if you need it. Simply get in touch with our Client Success team through one of the methods available at the base of the page.