Why can't I get past the "I am not a robot" check?

At Award Force, we utilise a third party application to help protect your program from robots, spammers, and scrapers. This is an important part of our security measures and not one we can switch off. 

Occasionally it will label a legitimate user as suspicious and show the "I am not a robot" check, which looks like the below.

I am not a robot prompt

Upon clicking the "I'm not a robot" checkbox and completing the generated check, the system should allow you through.

However, if you are repeatedly seeing this screen or are unable to proceed past the check, please reach out to support via this form and include the following information:

  • IP address 
  • Device information (i.e. Mac or PC, device maker, operating system, etc)
  • Browser information (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. as well as the version number)
    • All of the above can be provided easily by using whatsmybrowser.org and copying the generated link
  • Detailed explanation of the action being undertaken when the message appeared (Browsing through multiple entries quickly, clicking many times within a page, visiting multiple pages within Award Force rapidly, etc)
  • If the issue is recurring, how much time has passed since the last encounter

Any additional information that you can provide allows us to partner with the third-party solution to find a way to prevent interruptions moving forward. 

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