Email delivery problems


Sometimes email notifications and broadcasts may be blocked by the recipient's mail server. This situation can sometimes happen when a Sender address is added to the notification or broadcast settings. Adding a sender address is optional for both notifications and broadcasts.

Tip: See Users are not receiving email notifications and broadcasts for other reasons why emails may not be getting through.

When a sender address is added, the 'from' and 'sender' address no longer match. The 'from' address for notification emails in Award Force is and for broadcasts, it is Mail servers will sometimes reject emails where the from and sender address do not match, since it can indicate a type of spamming, known as spoofing.

If you want to add your own sender address to your notifications and/or broadcasts, then we also recommend adding a DNS record to your domain settings to mitigate the possibility of mail servers blocking these emails. To update the settings, you'll need to sign into the account where your domain is registered and add the following SPF TXT record (or ask your domain registrar to add it for you).

v=spf1 ~all

If there are already SPF records for your domain then you can add the Award Force record to the existing record as follows:

v=spf1 ~all

Important: Adding the SPF record is only possible when the sender email address uses a domain you own. It won't work for Gmail and Hotmail email addresses.

Adding an SPF record will not only improve mail delivery of messages sent from your Award Force account, it will also help prevent spammers from fraudulently using your domain to send spam . However, it is important to note that adding the record is not a guarantee of deliverability. Due to the many different factors that affect email deliverability, there is no way to guarantee placement of an email in the inbox of any given recipient.

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