What do the cookie options mean?

If you've enabled the cookie consent option in your general settings your users will see this when they visit your program for the first time.


Note: It's a legal requirement to request cookie consent for programs that have users based in the European Union

These options were added in May 2018 with the new GDPR regulation. What do they all mean?


This cookie option is preselected and cannot be unchecked as these cookies are necessary for the service to function. This is permitted under GDPR.


Analytics cookies are used to monitor traffic. They show which pages are viewed and for how long. This data is used to improve the performance of programs. It includes the Google Analytics tracking code which can be added at Settings > General. You can read more in Can I use Google Analytics?

Social sharing

The social sharing cookies allow users to easily share pages on the Award Force platform with their social media networks. Accepting this cookie will add the social media sharing icons to the home registration page, the entry submitted page, and voting pages (if using). You can read more in Social sharing configuration.


Award Force does not include any marketing cookies by default but this option exists in case you want to add marketing tracking codes to your account. Marketing cookies are used for targeted advertising so users will see relevant advertising through partner organisations across websites. We do not store or share any personal information. If you want to add marketing scripts to your program then contact us at support@awardforce.com.

Important: Pre-checked boxes do not amount to valid consent under GDPR and therefore we cannot pre-check any boxes except for Necessary. Checkboxes must be checked in order for analytic or marketing tracking codes to work.