Are there any guides for entrants and judges?

Award Force is designed to be seamless and straightforward for entrants and judges to use. As the platform has been engineered to suit a wide variety of industries with unique configuration needs, there isn't a one-size-fits-all guide. You do, however, have options to provide your own instructions to entrants and judges! 

Content blocks

Content blocks are various set locations throughout the platform where text can be placed to provide information to users. If you've completed the configuration of your entry form, you've likely come across these. To learn more about content blocks, check out our dedicated guide: Content configuration and management.

For entrants

If you'd like to create a list of instructions for your entrants, there are three locations that are best suited for this: your login page, via a dedicated 'About' page, or in Entries > My entries. Here's how to update all three.

  • You can update the content of your login page by following the instructions here: Can I add text to the login page?
  • You can create an 'About' page for your program that is available to all signed-in users. Learn how in this guide: Create an About page.
  • You can edit the content block that displays to entrants on the Entries > My entries page by navigating to that location and clicking the pencil icon.

For judges

Like entrants, unique content blocks can be configured to give instructions to judges or introduce them to the platform. The most common example is configuring a judging info box that corresponds to the judging mode you've chosen to use. As an example, the VIP judging info box location is used to share information in a VIP judging score set. This can be configured via Settings > Content > Content blocks.

Another location that can be used for judges is the Role registration form. Please note that this option is only for those that allow judges to self-register


Some program managers create videos for their users which demonstrate how to use the program. As our content block locations support Markdown formatting, it's easy to embed your own media content. Here are two examples of videos for entrants and judges from a program running on Award Force:

For entrants

For judges

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