Are there any guides for entrants and judges?

Award Force is designed to be seamless for entrants and judges to use and for this reason we don't offer guides. Also, because every program has a unique configuration, there can't be a one-size-fits-all guide.

The Content block on the judges homepage gives generic information on how to open an entry, add comments etc. You can use this content block from Content > Content blocks > Judge's home info box to provide more information.

Some program managers create videos for their users which demonstrate how to use the program. Here's an example of videos for entrants and judges from a program running on Award Force:

For entrants

For judges

You can link to and embed videos like this in Award Force. Please refer to our guide on Link to websites, documents, images, and videos for information about this. You can also create pages in the menu in Award Force for users to see. We call these About pages. Our guide on Create an About page will show you how to create one.

Tip: Award Force supports Markdown which is a great way to embed images and video in any content block

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