Custom exports


You can create custom exports in Award Force which will let you choose exactly which columns to include in the exported file. You can add specific fields from the entry form or remove fields you don't need. Custom exports are available throughout Award Force including on Users, Manage entries, Judging, and even Content sections.

An example export you may wish to create is a report of all the scores along with a company name field from the entry form. Here's how to create this custom export.

1. Go to Judging > Leaderboard

2. Click the Export button at the top right

3. Click the New link

You'll see a table on the right titled Export columns which lists the columns that will appear in the exported file. You can add and remove columns from this list. To remove columns, hover with your mouse over a column name and click the x icon to the right.



To add columns to the export file, hover with your mouse between two column names and click the + icon to the left.


Then search for the fields you want to add.


Tip: You can also use the Clear all and Add all links to remove or add all columns with one click

When you're happy with the fields visible under Export columns, give your export file a name and save it. Next time you click the Export button you'll see your saved custom export as an option.


Tip: If you'd like to edit or delete the custom export click the three dots icon to the left of the name.

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