Custom exports


In Award Force you can create custom exports that allow you to choose exactly which columns to include in the exported file. For example, you can add specific fields from the entry form or remove fields you don't need. Custom exports can be configured throughout Award Force in all areas where standard exports are available.

Note: exports containing more than 10,000 rows will be broken into separate downloads. For example, if you export 25,000 entries, you will receive three download links.

Creating a custom export

There are two ways that you can create a custom export: from an export drop-down itself or via the settings menu. Both methods are outlined below.

From an export drop-down

  1. Go to your desired page, like Judging > Leaderboard
    Tip: if you are exporting from the leaderboard and you have multiple score sets, select the one you want from the Score set dropdown field from the top of the page
  2. Open the Export drop-down at the top right of your screen
  3. Click New under the 'Custom' heading
  4. Give your custom export a name in the Export name field
    Tip: keep it short but informative based on its use.
  5. In the Areas drop-down, choose the appropriate type of base export you would like to begin with
    Note: the area selected dictates from where the custom export will be available and the type of core data it includes. For example, the 'Scores + comments' can only be generated from the leaderboard.
  6. Under Availability, choose whether this export is Private (available only to you) or Shared (available to all program managers)
  7. Add or remove columns from the report as needed following the directions below
  8. Save

Next time you click the Export button you'll see your saved custom export as an option.

Custom export in Export drop-down

From Settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Custom export layouts
  2. Click New custom export layout
  3. Provide a title for your export in the Export name field
  4. From the Area drop-down, select your desired export template
  5. Under Availability, choose whether this export is Private (available only to you) or Shared (available to all program managers)
  6. Add or remove export columns as desired following the directions below
  7. Save

Adding export columns

To add columns to the export file, hover with your cursor between two existing column names and click the + to the left.

Click + to add column

Then search for the fields you want to add.

Key in column name to search

Removing export columns

To remove columns, hover with your mouse over a column name and click the X to the right.

Click the X to delete a column

Tip: you can also use the Clear all and Add all links to remove or add all columns with one click
Tip: if you'd like to edit or delete the custom export click the three dots icon to the left of the name.

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