Why can't I re-add the user I deleted?


If you deleted a user by clicking the Delete button on the Users page, it was just a soft delete. Put simply, this means that the user's email address is still present in the Award Force database but they have been removed from your user list. Because an email can be registered only once, the address exists in Award Force and cannot be re-added as a new user.

You can, however, undelete the user by following the steps below.

Undelete a user

  1. Go to Users
  2. Open the All but deleted toggle and select Deleted
  3. Select the checkbox associated with the user(s) you would like to reinstate
  4. Click Undelete
  5. To return to the initial view, open the Deleted toggle and select All but deleted

Permanently delete a user

If you want to permanently delete a user, you'll need to click on their name in Users and then click the Delete this user permanently button.


Please refer to our guide for more information on permanently deleting a user.

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