Users are not receiving email notifications and broadcasts


If some users have reported not receiving email notifications and/or broadcasts, there are several things you can check.

  • Ask the user to check their spam folder and any social/promotions tabs they may be using. Some email notifications and broadcasts may end up there.
  • Ask the user to mark the address from which notifications are sent - as allowed. For broadcasts, the from address is
  • Try not to use any characters or words in the message subject - like "!!!!" or "WINNER" - which might be flagged by anti-spam software.
  • Check whether the user has unsubscribed from broadcasts and notifications.

If you've checked all of these possible causes and your users are still not receiving messages, please contact support.

Tip: if multiple users specify they do not receive email notifications (this does not apply to the receipt of broadcasts), please make sure the notification is active by going to Settings > General > Notifications (see screenshot).
Important: to comply with local laws, SMS notifications cannot be sent to UAE residents between the hours of 9pm and 7am. 

Example 1: The notification list view featuring the 'active' status of each notification


Example 2: The 'Active notification' setting found within each notification


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