Can I personalise emails? What are merge fields?


Merge fields are system tags which pull information automatically from within the user profile and/or entries. Merge tags are a way to populate notifications, certificates and more with personalised information like First and Last names, Entry and Category name etc.  

Merge fields are available in the following places in Award Force:

Broadcasts (for a Password reset only)
Award certificates
Packing slips
Review flow

Some merge fields are essential to the successful management of your program. For example, the merge field used in the account confirmation notification - which is sent to new users when they register - contains an important link which allows new users to verify their email address. This is a required step to complete registration.
This can be seen at Settings > Notifications. The body message for the Account confirmation notification looks like this:


The curly brackets {} are merge fields. When the message is sent the merge field is replaced with data. For example, the {confirmation_url} field will be replaced by a unique confirmation link for new users to click to confirm their account.

When merge fields are available they'll appear as clickable links.


To use the merge field all you need to do is click on the merge tag:


Note: Broadcasts are available with Plus and above plans. Broadcasts currently cannot be personalised with user names.


Custom merge fields

You can create custom merge fields from fields you’ve created by using the {entry_field:abcd1234} and {user_field:abcd1234} merge fields.


For this to work you’ll need to replace the abcd1234 with the slug for the field. The slug is the unique ID for each field which can be found at the very end of the URL of that field. To find it, go to Settings > Fields and click on any field to open it for editing in your browser. Check the URL in the browser address bar and you’ll see something like this:

The eight character code at the end is the slug. This is the unique ID that references that specific field. If it’s an entry field the merge field in this example will look like this:


If the field is a user field then it will look like this:


Tip: To learn more about slugs please refer to What is a slug?

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