Can entrants edit submitted entries?


By default, entrants can update a submitted entry right uptil the deadline.  

You can prevent this by selecting the Entries locked after submission option from Settings > General > Entries. With this setting, entrants will be able to view but not edit.


Note: If the round is closed you can extend it by changing the date at Settings > Rounds. But please note this will open the round for all entrants.

Can a submitted entry be changed to In progress? 

A submitted entry may need to be re-submitted again for some reasons such as:

  • entries are locked after submission and the entrant needs to make a change
  • entrant selected the wrong price or didn't use a discount code and needs to submit again

If the entry round is open, the manager or entrant can copy an entry to change the status from Submitted to In progress. This will allow entrants to edit their entry again and resubmit it.

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries (or if the entrant is doing it, it will be from My entries)
  2. Check the box next to the entry to be copied and then click the Copy button at the top (more information in our Copy an entry guide)
  3. The newly copied entry will appear with the status In progress. You/Entrant can then delete the original entry and rename the new one to remove (copy) from the entry name.


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