Entry period management guide

Important: broadcasts are with a Pro subscription and above.

Send a submission deadline reminder

As the deadline for entry nears, you may wish to send a reminder to all entrants with incomplete entries. The best way to do this is to send a broadcast. To do so:

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Entries
  2. Click Advanced at the top right
  3. Select In progress from the Status drop-down menu
  4. Click Search
  5. Click the Broadcast button at the top right
  6. Compose the message you want to send
  7. Click Review + send

To learn more about broadcasts, see take a look at our Ultimate guide to broadcasts.

Tip: if you choose to extend your program's entry round, check out this article: Ultimate guide to rounds.

Promote your program

While entries are open, you can use broadcasts to encourage more entries. One way of doing this is by tapping into the segment of users who registered with initial interest but are yet to start an entry.

To find these users: 

    1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Users
    2. Open the Advanced search menu
    3. Select Entrant from the Role dropdown
    4. Choose Has no entries this season or Has no entries at all from the Entries dropdown
    5. Click Search
    6. Click Broadcast to draft and send them an email encouraging them to come back and start an entry
Tip: consider adding the {password_set_url} merge field in the broadcast so users can easily reset their password if they've forgotten it.

You can also get people to help promote your program to their social media networks using the sharing buttons. These sharing options appear in strategic locations in the platform, including the registration page, the landing page after an entry has been submitted and on Voting pages; see the Social sharing configuration guide for full details. 

Submitting on behalf of entrants

Occasionally you may want to submit an entry for an entrant. The situation could be the entrant is unable to access the internet and is panicking or entry submission requires payment and the entrant doesn't have a corporate credit card. In such cases, the program manager can submit the entry on their behalf and collect payment later using some other method. 

  1. Open the Manage workspace and go to Entries
  2. Search for the entry and then click on the title to edit it
  3. Click the Edit button at the top of the page
  4. Click Submit entry
Important: for paid entries - when an entry is submitted by a program manager, no order is generated and the 'Payment received/pending' notification is not sent to the entrant. There is no invoice for the submission. 

Set a custom deadline

Some of your program's entrants may require a bit more time to complete their submissions. For these users, you can set a custom deadline that is applicable to only that specific entry. To learn more, check out Can I extend the round for some users and not others?.

Moderate entries

You may wish to moderate entries prior to judging. Doing so will send only approved entries to judges. Please refer to the Moderation guide for more information.

Tag entries

Tags can also be used to select entries for judging. By default, tags are only visible to program managers and can be used to select entries when you create your judging panels. For more information, see: Tag entries and/or Automated tagging.


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