What does 'Awaiting confirmation' mean?

In the Users view, you may have noticed some users have 'Awaiting confirmation' showing in the Confirmation column.


This status means they have not verified their email id by clicking the link in the account confirmation notification sent when they registered.

The confirmation notification may have ended up in their spam/junk folder or they simply forgot to go back to their email and click the link.

As a program/chapter manager, you can confirm these user accounts by clicking the confirm link.

Note: when a user is confirmed or imported by a manager, no notification is sent.

You may consider sending a broadcast informing them their account is now verified.

See: Sending an email broadcast

See: Can you remove the verification of email step from entrant registration?

Note: if entrants don't confirm the creation of their account, they will have access to the platform but they won't have the possibility to start an entry.

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