How do I test my judging set-up?


Once you have configured judging, you can preview it before opening to the judges. 

Using the judging fast start

When utilising the judging fast start to configure your judging, simply select the Add myself to the panel checkbox. 


Using the settings menu

  1. Make sure you have the judge role; see Adding judges
  2. Add yourself to a judging Panel(s); see Create a judge panel
  3. Refresh your browser to see the judging link(s) in the Entries menu
  4. If judging round is closed, there will be no entries to view click the Preview judging button
  5. Select the round you want to preview
  6. Save

If a 'Judge's confidentiality agreement' content block has been selected with the score set, you will see the agreement and have to sign it, like all judges, before seeing the list of assigned entries.  

What is best practice for testing?

It is best practice to test your judging setup on your test entries and not on the actual entries received by your users. The reason for this is to avoid stray scores.

If you add scores or comments to actual entries in your program, you can remove the scores, however, they will show as stray via Settings > Judging > Assignments. Stray scores will not impact your judging results in any way, however, they cannot be removed. 

How do I remove myself and my test scores?

To remove yourself from the judging views, navigate to Settings > Judging > Panels, and remove yourself from the "Who" section of each panel you added yourself to for testing.

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