Provide feedback to entrants


You may want to show judges' comments and/or scores to entrants after judging is complete. Feedback can help improve the quality of entries by letting entrants see what judges were looking for and where their gaps were.

Tip: If you are deciding to provide feedback, it is a good idea to let the judges know in advance so they can provide useful and relevant comments.

Two things need to be configured in order to show feedback to entrants:

1. Enable comments on feedback

  1. Go to Judging > Score sets
  2. Click on the Score set you want to allow comments to be visible to entrants
  3. Go to the Display tab, under Commenting, check the Display comments on feedback view box


2. Add a Feedback round 

You can use the Feedback round to show scores and comments for each individual entry when an entrant logs in.

To configure this, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Entries > Rounds
  2. Go to Add round, name your round (e.g. Feedback round), select the 'Feedback round' round type
  3. Set the start and end dates of when you want your entrants to have access to judging results (NB If you set no start date, feedback will be available immediately. If you set no end date, feedback will be available indefinitely.)
  4. Select the Default chapter, or the chapter(s) you want feedback to be available for
  5. Set the Feedback options (i.e. who will see the results)
  6. Select the Categories you would like to share feedback from as well as if you are sharing the Comments, Scores, and/or Category average  
  7. Click Save


To see the feedback yourself, go to Entries > Manage entries. Every judged entry will have the same 'View feedback' button (and view). Click on the 'View feedback' button rather than the entry name.


Feedback options

Anonymise judges removes the names of judges from comments made on entries.

Comments can be set to show or not as part of the feedback.

Scores (from VIP judging) can be set to show or not as part of the feedback.

Note: If there is more than one VIP judging score set, all score set scores are shown in feedback. Individual judges scores are not shown, only the average of all judges.

Category average can be set to show or not as part of the feedback. This allows the entry to be benchmarked against all other entries in the same category.

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