Custom domains


You can personalise the web address of your program by using your own domain name instead of Award Force domains. This will remove the word awardsplatform from the URL. For example, you could have instead of

To do this, complete the following three steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > General, select the General tab, and then click the Edit link next to Account domain name.


  2. On the next page type your domain into the Custom domain field. Then click Save.


  3. Create a CNAME record in the DNS Settings where your domain is registered, pointing the domain host you wish to use, to:

    Please note - "custom-domain" is not placeholder text in this instance, the above is the literal address that the CNAME record should point to.

    Instructions for this will vary depending on who your domain registrar is. Here are some links to support documentation for popular domain providers:

    Crazy Domains

  4. It may take a few minutes for the SSL certificate to activate with the new domain but this is automatic and no action is required on your part.

  5. Once you have confirmed that your custom domain is correctly configured and displays your Award Force account, you may wish to go back to the domain configuration page and switch Redirect to ON. This will ensure that anybody visiting your default Vanity domain is redirected to your preferred Custom domain.
Note: The custom domain feature only works with subdomains. It's not possible to use a root domain, like, with Award Force.

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