Introduction to CRM integrations

Award Force is a fantastic way to manage the complete end-to-end process of your recognition program, however, at times, data collected in Award Force may need to be shared with a third party CRM system. This integration allows you to share data between Award Force and Salesforce.

  • You can send user information to Salesforce when someone in Award Force either registers or updates their own user profile.
  • You can send entry information directly to Salesforce.
  • You can send team member details, listed in entries, directly to Salesforce.
  • You can apply a membership price for paid entries where only members with a membership number matched in Salesforce can get the membership price.

Integrations with Salesforce allow you to send data from Award Force to specific objects in Salesforce such as contacts, leads, and accounts as well as custom objects. You can use lookup fields in Salesforce to create relationships between your data sets. For example, a user who registers in Award Force could be a record in your contacts object, then, all entries by this user might be added to a custom object named "entries" in Salesforce. Each one of their entries would list who the entrant is and include a direct link to their contact record and vice versa.

Important: in order to utilise this integration an active Salesforce account and subscription are required.


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