Assign/remove user roles in bulk

Your program may have certain user roles which require more or less permissions.

For example, you may want your previous seasons' judges to also be able to create an entry. In this case, you can give them an Entrant role in addition to the Judge role. Alternately, you might want to remove a Voter role and make them Entrant only.

In Award Force, you can change a role for upto 100 users in one go. 

Assign or remove a role

In bulk

  • Go to Users.
  • Open the Advanced search menu and search for the role you want to update.
  • Increase the list view per page from 10 to 100 from the bottom of the page.
  • Scroll back up and click the box next to the wheel icon to select all 100 users.
  • Click Assign role, select the role you want to assign/remove and click Assign role button to complete.
  • Repeat for the next 100 users on page 2 and so on.


  • Go to Users.
  • Click on the judge's name (you can use the search filter at the top right).
  • Under Account roles, select the role/s you want to assign.
  • Click Save.