Salesforce #2: User information, pairing user information


How to create a user account in Award Force and Salesforce at the same time

Step 1: Creating the query requirements

  1. Create or update an integration (instructions), must be authenticated or dependent
  2. In the "User information" section of the integration configuration screen:
    1. From the left, select the options most relevant to how you want to manage user data, you can select all options if relevant.
      1. Get user details from CRM: This will pull data from your Salesforce account if the user registering in Award Force already exists in your CRM.
      2. Create record in CRM (if record doesn't exist): This will query your Salesforce account for the user who's registering in Award Force and create a new record in your CRM if they don't exist.
      3. Update record in CRM (if record exists): This will query your Salesforce account for the user who's registering in Award Force and update their record in your CRM if they exist.
      4. Another option is to update a user record in your CRM if the user updates their profile in Award Force.
    2. From the right:
      1. CRM Object: Select the CRM Object where you want to collect registered user information (i.e. Contact, Lead or a custom object)
      2. Unique identifier:
        1. In the Unique identifier drop-down field, select the Award Force field that is unique to the user registering (i.e. usually the Email field)
        2. In the CRM field, add the CRM API field name that matches the same unique identifying information recorded in Award Force (i.e. this would also be the Email field)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and save (optional at this stage but advisable, continue below)

Step 2: Updating fields in your CRM via Award Force integration

  1. If you haven't already, open the relevant integration in Award Force.
  2. In the "User information" section, from the list of field pairing options on the right, add the CRM API name to each field pairing that you want to update in your CRM
    1. IMPORTANT: A bare minimum field pairing is required. Ensure you pair the corresponding Unique identifier field (i.e. Email) paired with the corresponding CRM API identifier field (i.e. Email)

Example 1: Unique identifier  

Example 2: Integration configuration


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