Select winners/move entries to next stage of judging


Judging progress

Once a judging stage is nearing completion, you can check your judge's progress by going to Judging > Progress. For any judges that are yet to finish judging, you can send them an email broadcast to remind them to complete their judging before judging closes.

Judging results

The Leaderboard is where you can find a list of entries and real-time judging results for all categories. The default ordering shows the entries from highest to lowest score, most votes to least votes, etc. You can order the entries by clicking on the title in the table header.

With Award Force, the criteria for selection of shortlisting, finalists, and winners, or even what these are called, is completely flexible. It’s up to you to interpret the judging stage results and then apply tags to entries that record the outcome of the judging stage. Those tags can then control, e.g.:

  • Entries that move to another judging stage
  • Awards (such as certificates) that are given to entries
  • Which entries may appear in galleries
  • Results exports
  • ... etc

Apply tags to indicate a judging outcome

  1. Go to Judging > Leaderboard
  2. If you have more than one score set, select score set to review
  3. Filter by category using the search filter
  4. Select the checkboxes on the left of the entries that you want to tag e.g. shortlist/finalist/winner
  5. Click Tag and type in the tag you want to use. If the tag has already been created, select it from the drop-down menu
  6. Click Add tags
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each category as needed

Progress finalists/shortlisted entries to another stage of judging

  1. Go to Judging > Panels
  2. Create a New panel
  3. In the Entries section, select the tag you just created in the Tag box— this will limit entries visible to the panel to only those entries with the specified tag
  4. Configure the other sections of the panel (see Create a judging panel)
  5. Click Save
Important: A Score set (read more) and Round (read more) is needed for every stage of judging. 

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