Can I update user passwords?

Password requirements

All user accounts require a password; a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that must be a minimum of 8 characters long.

Who can update a password?

The user can update and manage their own password by:

  1. Logging into an account
  2. Go to their user profile by clicking on their name in the top-right of the screen: Name > Profile
  3. Update password and save

But what if they can't remember their password?

All users can reset their password on the home page. From the login form, there is a "Reset password" link. Clicking this link will allow the user to input their registered email address (or mobile number) and an email (or SMS) will then be sent to them with a password reset link.



Can I reset someone else's password?

In almost all cases it's recommended that you ask your users to manage their own profile, including their password. A Program Manager may be able to change a user's password but with a condition!

If a user is registered with Award Force and their profile is associated with only your program, then you will be able to update the user's password.

However, if the user profile is associated with multiple programs then the password can only be updated by the owner of the profile. This is a security precaution as changing the user's password will affect their access to other programs too.