Connecting Award Force with your WordPress website

If your website is built using, and you have a user-base of registered users on your website, we have a WordPress plugin available that facilitates Single Sign-On— this means your registered users can log in to your Award Force account directly from your WordPress website, without needing to register an Award Force account.

The set-up process on your WordPress website is straightforward, but you may need input from your website developer.

  1. Go to and follow the instructions to download and install the WordPress plug-in (requires WordPress administration access to install + the insertion of a link and/or PHP - please be sure to open for more information)

  2. In Award Force, go to Settings > Users > Registration

  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, tick both Enable registration via 3rd party authentication, go to the section 3rd party authentication and tick the WordPress option, then click Save.


  4. Go to Settings > Developpers > Integration > API v1 key (legacy)

  5. Click Generate key to view and copy the API key, then click Save.


  6. Within your WordPress admin dashboard, go to the Award Force menu and enter the URL of your Award Force account, and the API key you just copied. Then click Save.


  7. That's it! The link you created in step one (above) will log your users into Award Force, but be sure to test this yourself so you are satisfied it is working.
Tip: If your judges will be accessing Award Force via the SSO, you may wish to import these users first to assign them the judge role, and add them to the appropriate panels. Then, when they sign in, Award Force will retain these permissions*, allowing them to get straight to judging!

*Provided the email address registered matches the email address they use as a member on your WordPress site
Note: This plugin is only designed to provide SSO capabilities, it will not pass any other information between Award Force and your WordPress website (e.g. changes in names, entry information etc)

Need more help? Get in touch!

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