Sending an email broadcast


Broadcasts are a way to send an email in bulk to multiple users from within Award Force.

To send a broadcast there are five simple steps:

  1. Choose the most appropriate view to broadcast from (see below)
  2. Filter results
  3. Click Broadcast
  4. Write message
  5. Send broadcast

A common example is sending an email to entrants that still have entries in progress and you want to remind them to submit their entry before entries close. Here is how to send an email broadcast using this example:

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries
  2. In the search box, click on Advanced.
    1. This will give you a drop-down menu to filter your entries.
  3. Under Status, choose In progress
  4. Click Search.
    1. This will give a list of all the entries that are currently in progress
  5. Click the Broadcast button (underneath the search box).
    1. Here you can write your email and see the list of users the broadcast will be sent to.
  6. Once you’ve finished writing your email you have the option to click Review + send or Save as draft.
    1. Review + send will allow you to see the broadcast as the entrants would before you send it. If you’re happy with it click Confirm + send. Otherwise click Back to edit to make any changes.
    2. Save as draft allows you to save your email and send it at another time. To find your draft broadcasts, go to Settings > Broadcasts

You can use any of the filters to narrow down the list of users you want to contact.

Note: Broadcasts cannot be customised. Use a generic greeting like 'Hello' or 'Dear Entrant' or 'Hello Applicant' when drafting the email.

You can find a list of sent and draft broadcasts under Settings > Broadcasts

To discard a draft broadcast:

  1. Go to Settings > Broadcasts
  2. Click on the title of the broadcast you want to remove
  3. Click Discard

For details on how to theme your broadcasts, see Theme configuration guide

Broadcast locations and examples

Places you can send an email broadcast from and some examples.

  1. Manage entries
    1. Entrants with entries in progress
    2. Entrants with submitted entries
    3. Entrants in a particular chapter or category
    4. Entrants with entries that have been moderation approved
    5. Entrants with entries with specific tags
  2. Users
    1. Users with a specific user role e.g. Entrant, Judge, Chapter manager, Guest, Program manager
    2. Users with entries in the current season
    3. Users that have no entries in the current season
    4. Users with entries in an archived (previous) season
    5. Users that have no entries at all
  3. Progress
    1. Judges on a particular panel
  4. Leaderboard
    1. Entrants that have moved to the next round of judging
    2. Finalists or winners for a particular chapter or category
  5. Manage reviews
    1. Users with pending reviews