Display (share) scores and comments between judges


In Award Force, you have the ability to share scores and comments or only comments between your judges. Here's how:

Share scores and comments

Note: files uploaded by judges into their comments will also be shared.
  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Judging > Settings > Score sets
  2. Click the score set you want to display scores on or choose New score set to create a new score set; see Configure score sets
  3. Open the 'Display' tab
  4. Under the section titled 'Share scores', check the score set(s) in which you'd like to share the scores and comments
  5. Click Save
  6. Next, go to Settings > Users > Roles
  7. Choose the role for judges assigned to panels for this judging stage (this may simply be 'Judge')
  8. Set the Scores (others) View permission to Allow
  9. Save the role

Judges will see the configured scores in a matrix in the right column of each entry they view, below attachments. The score matrix also provides visibility of each judge's comments on the score set.

Share only comments

  1. From the Manage workspace, go to Judging > Settings > Score sets
  2. Click the score set in which you'd like to see judges share comments or choose New score set
  3. Open the 'Display' tab
  4. Under the sectioned titled 'Commenting', select the Registered users can comment and Users can see each others' comments on this score set checkboxes
  5. Click Save

Display score matrix for some judges and not others

If you want to display the score matrix to some judges, not all; for example, only the lead judges or a chairperson can see the matrix, this is simply done by altering permissions on judges roles.

To see the score matrix when judging an entry, the judge must have the Scores (others) > View permission. So you can set up a lead judge role with this permission, and normal judge role without this permission. For more information, see: Adding a lead judge.

Note: if users are already logged in during this change, they will need to refresh their browser to see the change.

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