Role registration forms


The registration form on the home page is the default registration form which, once completed, grants the default role (usually an entrant role) to the user. Additional registration forms can be configured to allow public or registered users to complete specified user information to register for another role.

  • Voter registration:
    You may want to require that voting on entries only be allowed for registered users, but you don't want to require that the public register for the default entrant role just to vote. You may want to collect some information specific to voters.
  • Judge application:
    You may want to facilitate people applying to be a judge. With a judge application form, you can collect relevant information (such as the person's bio or judging credentials) and then grant them a temporary role that gives no actual judging permissions. You can then assess applicants and grant actual judging roles to your chosen judges.
  • Pre-registration:
    You may want to encourage people to register before entries open, so you can send them your opening announcement. You can set up a form for pre-registrations to receive the regular entrant role, but with a completion page that provides information about when entries open, etc.

How role registration works

Public (not logged in) visiting the registration form will see the standard user registration and log in options. Note the content specific to this role registration form on the left.

If the user already has a user account (but is not logged in) and attempts to register again for this role, they will be prompted to log in instead, before continuing.

Only after completing this initial account registration or log in, the user is presented with the additional fields for the registration.

If the user already has a user account (and is logged in), visiting the role registration form simply presents the additional fields of information required.

In any of the above cases, the role is only granted after the second stage of role registration is completed.

Configure a role registration form

  1. Create a role to be granted on successful registration
    1. Go to Settings > Users > Roles
    2. Click New role
    3. Give the role an appropriate name
    4. Click the checkbox Registration form for this role is active
    5. On the right, set permissions that will be granted with the role
      Note: for security reasons, only limited permissions are available to roles for which a public registration form is active.
    6. Save the role
  2. Configure fields to be collected with registration (if applicable)
    • Go to Settings > Users > Fields and configure user fields for each piece of information you want to collect on this role registration form
      Note: any other user fields that are set to apply to All roles will also be shown on this role registration form. If you don't want other existing user fields to be displayed on this registration form, change the roles the other user fields apply to.
  3. Create content to be displayed on the role registration form (optional, but recommended)
      1. Go to Settings > Content > Blocks and create a New content block
      2. For the Content location, set Role registration form
      3. Add a relevant title and information to the Content box
      4. Save
  4. Create content to be displayed on a page after role registration is complete
      1. Go to Settings > Content > Blocks and create a New content block
      2. For the Content location, set Role registration completed
      3. Add a relevant Title and information to the Content box
      4. Save
  5. Finalise the form
      1. Go back to Settings > Users > Roles and open the role you created
      2. Under Content block for registration form you can now select the content block you just configured
      3. Under Content block for registration completion you can now select the content block you just created
      4. You will now also see there is a Form URL displayed for the role. Copy the URL or click the link to visit the role registration form; this is the URL that you will direct people to, to register

Configure a role confirmation notification

When role registration is complete, an email notification specific to the role can be sent. Note that there are two notification trigger events that can be used through the role registration process:

  • User registered: a generic event that happens whenever a user registers an account for any role
  • Role granted: occurs only after the second stage of role registration is successfully completed during registration

Follow the normal process of creating a notification. Selecting the 'Role granted' trigger reveals some additional options:

  • Notification applies to all roles: the notification will be sent regardless of role granted.
  • Notification applies to some roles: reveals a list of roles to choose from, that the notification will be sent for.
Note: the standard 'User registered' notification goes to all roles. If you want home page registration to trigger a notification to entrants only, change the trigger to 'Role granted' and select the entrant role.
Important: to comply with local laws, SMS notifications cannot be sent to UAE residents between the hours of 9pm and 7am. 

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