Guest judging


All judging modes can be configured for use by non-registered users called guests. Guest functionality is only available on judging (which includes the Gallery judging mode) and when selected on a panel.

Configuring the guest role

Your account should have a guest role with no permissions by default under Settings > Users > Roles. This special role is set with the Guest account role for anonymous users checkbox. Only one role on an account can be defined as being for anonymous users. All permissions except 'Scores (Own)' for the guest role are disabled and not usable for guests.

Viewing a judging mode

  • To activate the possibility of a guest viewing a score set's entries for judging, the 'Scores (Own) View' permission is required
  • Viewing entries assigned to the guest role does not require a user account
  • The guest needs to be given the URL to the configured judging by for example:
    • Linking to it from the content block on the home page
    • Linking to it directly from a program marketing site or promotional material
  • The link to the judging score set depends on the mode and some modes need the score set slug in it, for example:
  • If the guest role only has view permissions, they will be prompted to register an account in order to vote, score or pick, etc

Guest judging

  • To activate the possibility of a guest judging entries (voting, scoring, picking, etc), the 'Scores (own) Create' and 'Update' permissions are required
  • When a guest first interacts, a user account is created for them in the background, in order to track all of their scores
  • If a guest subsequently registers, all of their scores are carried across to their new account
  • Guest user accounts do not have an account membership, and do not appear in the Users list - they are effectively hidden
  • Guests appear in progress view, matrices and exports as for example 'Guest dKYEZbgX'

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