Entry configuration checklist

Award Force is a straightforward system to use for Program Managers— if you're confident with online systems in general, you might jump straight in and work it out without going through all the training material. We do however suggest following the sequence below for quickest results.

Many of the articles linked below include video tutorials. Watching the videos should be plenty to familiarise you with the system and get you on your way. You can always refer back to the written training material to better understand some areas.

The time necessary to complete all configuration steps varies by program complexity - anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

Consider bookmarking this page to return to as you work through your configuration.

Logged in to Award Force with a Program Manager account, you will have access to all the facilities to complete the steps below. Your Producer is available to advise and guide if you have any uncertainty about the best approach to take for your program.

General settings

Under Settings > General, work through each tab and be sure to set preferences for your program.

See: General settings


  1. Registration
    Entrants must register before creating entries. Configure fields for the information you wish to collect when a user registers.
    See: Registration configuration
  2. Chapters
    For multi-chapter programs, create the chapters for entries (e.g. cities, states, departments, etc).
    See: Chapter configuration
  3. Categories
    Define the categories that entries can be created for.
    See: Category configuration
  4. Tabs
    The entry process can be split into multiple tabbed steps. Define the tabs. You can refine tab requirements as you go along.
    See: Tab configuration
  5. Fields
    Define all the fields of information to be collected with entries.
    Start with fields that are common to all categories.
    Then define fields that are specific to a category or sub-set of categories.
    You can review the entry process as you go along by going to Entries > My entries.
    See: Field configuration


  1. Content blocks
    Supporting information about your program can be placed in set content block locations, in context, across the system.
    See: Content configuration and management
  2. Terms
    Common terms specific to your program can be set to apply system-wide. e.g. entries vs nominations.
    See: Configuring terms
  3. Interface text
    Some labels in the system may be configured to use language more relevant to your program.
    See: Interface text changes


  1. Rounds
    Set key start and end dates for the various phases of your program - you can easily come back and change/add these later if necessary.
    See: Round configuration
  2. Notifications
    Check that all email notifications sent based on system events are written and set to suit your program communication preferences.
    See: Notification configuration
  3. Review flow
    If entries are being endorsed by a third party, make sure their name and email address are collected with the entry. Create notifications that will be used with your review stage(s), ensuring the correct merge fields are used.
    Check the entry round and set the 'end' date for review flow stages.
    See: Review flow configuration
  4. Payments
    If your program is paid to enter make sure gateway and pricing are configured correctly under Settings > General > Payments, and do a full live test entry to ensure payment is as expected.
    See: Payment configuration
    See: Payment testing
  5. Social sharing
    If you wish to encourage entrants to share their activity, be sure to set compelling social content on Settings > General > Social.
    See: Social sharing configuration


  1. Theming
    Adjust home page, header and footer imagery, and colour scheme to suit your program brand. See: Theme configuration guide
  2. Sponsors
    Sponsor logos can be uploaded to each category and/or as a banner to the theme footer.

Important: Testing

Once all entry configuration steps are completed, be sure to test your entry process end-to-end, registering as an entrant and creating an entry through to submission, to ensure that the process is as you intend, and so that you are familiar with what your entrants will experience. If your categories differ from each other with any significance, it’s advisable to test the entry process for each category.

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