Registration configuration


User registration is required to be able to create entries. With a new account, (self-)registration is active with the minimum required user fields. Additional user profile information can be collected by configuring fields of the 'user' resource type.

Activate/deactivate user registration

Program managers may wish to disable user registration prior to entries officially opening, or after entries close. The user registration form is in the middle column of the home page and can be activated/deactivated by a program manager by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Users > Registration
  2. Select the Enable registration form on home page checkbox
  3. Click Save

Minimum required user fields

The self-registration form on the home page contains the minimum system fields required for user accounts of any type. These fields can't be removed, renamed or reordered:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address and/or mobile number
  • Password

Add user fields

User fields added to an account appear on the entrant registration form (on the account home page), on the user's profile settings, and in user exports.

To add user fields:

  1. Go to Settings > Users > Fields
  2. Select Add field
  3. Select User field and click Next
  4. Enter a field label
  5. Add a short title to help identify the field. Short titles are used for:
    • Program managers - to easily identify the field within the configuration
    • Users - the short title will appear in the warning message if they try to submit the form without filling in a required field, to help find the field
  6. (Optional) Specify a number for order. Entering a number controls where the field appears in the registration form, relative to other fields. Smaller values will appear higher in that stage of the registration form
    • Note that custom user fields will always appear after the default required registration fields (listed above)
  7. Set the field type best suited to the user content you wish to collect
  8. Choose whether this user field will appear for all seasons or only the current season
  9. In the Roles section, you can set the field to only appear for certain role registration forms if needed (Learn more about Role registration forms). Select Read and Write to give access. Select Required only if completing the field is mandatory
  10. Under Home page registration, you can set whether the field is displayed on step one (the home page registration form) or on a subsequent step two registration page (a follow-up page after a user completes step one)
    • We recommend placing fields on step two, as once a user completes step one their information is saved in the system, regardless of whether they complete step two
    • We recommend to only include extra user fields on step one if they are to record acknowledgment of privacy conditions or terms and conditions before this response is saved
  11. Choose the Data protection level for this field (About data protection)
  12. (Optional) Use the Available in advanced search option to allow this field to be a filter option in the Users section
  13. Save your new field.
  • Once saved, the field is immediately functional on the registration form
  • The field is created for the currently selected season within Settings > Users > Fields
  • Only required fields will display on step one of registration
  • If a user had registered before a new field(s) was added, they will be prompted to complete the next time they log in

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