Can I bulk-download entries?


Bulk-downloading entries is an easy task, and can be done from any of these views:

  • Manage entries
  • My entries
  • Judging leaderboard

Here's how:

  1. Search/filter to find entries you want to download (this step is optional but helps e.g. if you want to download all 'submitted' entries)
  2. Next, check the checkboxes next to each entry that you want to download or tick the 'select all' checkbox at the top-left of the list. This will select all entries you can see on your page. If you have more than one page of results, you will need to either increase the number of results you see per page or navigate through your pages, performing the download action from each page. 
  3. Next, click the Action menu and select Download to start the download process

An on-screen message will be displayed letting you know the process has started. Once ready, an email will be sent with a link to a zip file. Click the link to download the zip folder to your local machine.

When you unzip the folder, there will be one folder for each entry containing all attachments and a PDF output of the entry.

Important: to increase the efficiency of your downloads, all attachment files over 500MB in size will be included as a link within a text file. 

Things to note:

Why can I only download 100 entries at a time, maximum? 

  • List views display a maximum of 100 entries at a time. That imposes a maximum of 100 entries that can be selected for download. The download process is very resource-intensive, adding a lot of load to servers, and so the action of performing a bulk download is limited to 100 at a time to ensure everyone continues to have a fantastic, fast system. 

Why won't the system allow me to start another download?

  • When a user starts a bulk-download, the system will prevent another request from being submitted until the first has completed. As stated above, the download process is very resource-intensive and needs to be managed. If we allowed multiple bulk-downloads at the same time, this would add additional load to the system and would lead to long delays and possibly failed exports.

Can I download the same zip file whenever I want?

  • The link you receive in the email allows you to download the zip file for 24 hours until it expires.

How long is the bulk-download process?

  • It will vary depending on the size of entries, number of attachments and size of attachments.

Video overview:

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