Can I allow some entrants and not others into a program?

Generally, Award Force allows users to self-register and participate in a program that's open to all. However, there are two ways to limit entrants which may be applicable in some cases:

  1. Limit entrants by registration email domain— for example, programs that are internal to an organisation.
  2. Deactivate registration, and create user accounts on behalf of participants

Limit registration by email domain

  1. Go to Settings > Users > Registration
  2. Under Registration only accepted from specific email domains, list one or more email domains, the part after @ only (e.g.,,
  3. Multiple domains should be on separate lines
    • e.g.
    • Registration_EmailDomains.png

Deactivate registration

  1. Go to Settings > Users > Registration
  2. Uncheck Home page registration is open and click Save.
    • e.g
    • Registration_OnOff.png

With the registration form deactivated, only users who are already registered will be able to log in. 

However, you may still need to manually add your users to your program. You can do this by importing your users. For further information about how to import users, see the 'Import users in bulk' section in the 'Adding users' support article. 

Note: if a user has an account with another Award Force program, they will be able to use their credentials to login to your program as well.

If you do manually import users into your program, they will not know about it. Make sure you let all your users know about their user account by emailing them, you can always use the broadcast feature to do this if you're on a Plus or Pro plan.

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